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Designed expressly for racing use,  series chains are the sum of Regina’s experience collected in motorcycle competition.
Available in several different models for every high performance applications.

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Chain Size520
Chain TypeStandard
Riding StyleOff Road

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Patented since 2003

The new generation Z-Ring seal, patented since 2003, featuring a special-designed conical shape on their inner side, represent the evolution of previous X-Ring and Z-Ring designs. The Z-Ring flexes when assembled, creating a spring effect that guarantees the seal will not decrease over time. The special Z-Ring section provides enhanced chain flexibility. The conical section enhances the assembling on the bushing. The lubricant trapped between the plates and the lobes of the Z-Ring keeps the ring lubricated and increases its life.



Specifically designed for applications on high powered bikes, these chains are able to offer exceptional performance thanks to the patented Z-Ring.
Assembled with high alloy steel pins and plates, solid bushings and rollers, shot-peening of plates, pins and rollers and prestressed for performance enhancement, assuring excellent resistance to mechanical stresses of the latest superbikes.

Touring Street

Intended for touring use, these chains ensure high mileage with reduced elongation thanks to the Z-Ring seal.
Assembled with solid bushings and rollers, shotpeening of plates, pins and rollers to increase the fatigue resistance. Submitted to performance-enhancing pre-stretching, they are available in several quality levels to ensure the right type of chain for every application.


Quality chains: performance, durability and style designed for urban vehicles. Special extended bushings, developed to increase the press-fit into the inner link plates of the chain, ensure a high resistance to chain kinking. All chains are pre-stretched to increase fatigue and made in gold color to increase wear resistance.

Cross Supermotard

Designed to ensure high resistance to elongation and to the severe impulsive stresses caused by Off-Road riding. Extended bushings and solid rollers, alloy carbon steel pins, shot-peened plates to offer increased tensile strength and fatigue resistance are some of the most important features. RX chains feature shaped bushings and special “X” chromized alloy carbon steel pins, together with special beveled plates to provide sure engagement in the most severe Off -Road applications.


The new ZSE chain is the result of an intense development process made side by side with the best Enduro Racing Teams, with the aim to deliver the most efficient power transmission from engine to wheel, limiting friction while preserving durability. The result is the best light-running chain available on the market today.
The new narrow Z-Ring, together with high carbon alloy steel shot-peened plates, offers a reliability proven by the fact many OEMs have chosen to fit ZSE chain as original equipment on their Enduro bike range. These features, added to light weight and narrow width, make ZSE the best choice in terms of performance for Enduro competitions.


Designed and developed to withstand the severe stresses caused by Off-Road riding, ZRE chains are intended for long distance Adventure use, thanks to the special Z-Ring which allows extended lubrication intervals while delivering incredible durability levels. ZRE chains are assembled with high carbon alloy steel, solid bushings and rollers, shot-peened plates, pins and rollers to reach high fatigue limits. ZRE is the chain you can trust, the best choice for Adventure riding.

Dual Black

BLACK DUAL chains have a natural steel color and are available in 520 and 525 dimensions only. Manufactured with high carbon alloy steel components, solid bushings and rollers, shot-peened plates, pins and rollers to reach high fatigue resistance. Laser marking on outer plates to identify dimension, model and origin.
Submitted to performance enhancing pre-stretching, also thanks to the Z-Ring seals, BLACK DUAL chains ensure high mileage, reduced elongation and extended lubrication intervals.

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