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METZELER KAROO 4 90/90-21 & 150/70-17 (COMBO)



KAROO™ 4 is the evolution of the heroic KAROO™ 3: a comprehensive tyre for Adventure Bikes and Maxi Enduro to overcome the boundaries of adventouring.

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WidthCombo 90/150
StylesDual Purpose

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Scoop-shaped knobs enable exemplary off-road traction whilst in bottomless dirt and promote tread
self-cleaning; knob layout ensures a continuous support at any lean angle also on hard-packed terrains
• Stiffer carcass structures and new multi-radius profiles promote enhanced road handling regardless of
the load case, with dual-compound rears and their lateral knobs shaped to enhance rubber response
even under heavy loads
• Best in class for wet performance and rider-aid integration thanks to new tyre profile and new compounds
enabling safety in lashing rain, cold temperatures and dodgy road surfaces;
• Extreme abrasion, cutting and tearing resistance thanks to tread rubber formulation and knob shaping,
which enhances compound thermal and mechanical stability.